Gutter Repair

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Gutter Repair

Gutter Repair | Gutter Guys Seamless Gutters - Billings, MT

At Gutter Guys Seamless Gutters, honesty is our policy. When you call us about a leaky or broken gutter, we will come out to your property, assess the extent of the damage, and whenever possible, recommend a gutter repair rather than replacement – a great savings in both time and money!

Some of the reasons why it may be time for a gutter repair are:

Natural wear and tear – time and exposure to the elements erodes the metal and weakens the gutter’s resistance to rain and snow downpours.

Punctures – copper and aluminum gutters are easily punctured by falling branches or sharp tools.

Rust – rust eats through steel gutters.

Man-made holes – sometimes owners drill a hole in their gutter to get water to drain. At Gutter Guys Seamless Gutters, we let our customers know that if a gutter is not draining it is probably because it is sagging and needs to be raised or it is not sloping properly toward the waterspout.

At Gutter Guys Seamless Gutters, we perform a gutter repair whenever possible. We patch any hole right away so it doesn’t grow larger. The patch we use matches the gutter’s material. Prior to patching, we clean all debris from the gutter with a wide plastic gutter scoop and then clean the entire area with a stiff bristle wire brush.

Whether it’s a broken corner, a rusty pipe, a hole in the gutter, or any other type of damage that happens to gutters over time, Gutter Guys Seamless Gutters is ready to tackle all of your gutter repairs. Call us today for a free estimate!

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